EASY FRESH Co  is a leading company in agriculture production and export of fresh fruits and vegetables .


We are based all over the Tunisian cities to secure the continuity of production for extended periods starting from the north costs in the winter reaching the south costs in the summer .


80% of our exported products, GLOBAL.G.A.P certified, are harvested freshly from our lands , we export our products to different countries all over the world and our strength is our ability to provide you with early production of vegetables and fruits using a very high-tech technology and very modern harvesting systems providing for us a very early and standardized quality in the off season .

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Easy Fresh 

Sale and export of food products

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5 street Commandant Béjaoui , building HAFSI , office C2 Sousse 4000 - Tunisie
+216 73 237 127
+216 73 237 127